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Trilogy Outdoors Inc Tests out some Gear on Lake Michigan


Trilogy Outdoors puts Customers and Family first. While working and making money is great, we at Trilogy Outdoors would rather hurt the bottom line to make our Family and Customers happy. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go out and fish with www.windycitysalmon.com to test out some of our new gear(Frogg Toggs, Polar Bear Coolers, Propper Military Backpack and Rocky Brands Boots). I was lucky enough to take a potential manufacture as well as my Father, 2 Brother-In-Laws and a life long buddy. The gear held up great and the fishing was beyond good(couldn't have asked for a better Guide). We appreciate everyone who supports us and we hope your Family has the opportunity to catch some big fish with some great gear like we did!

Now for the gear...

Frogg Toggs...we had a lot of different jackets from red to camo in different styles. They helped keep us warm in the cool air during the morning hours(was about 45 degrees on the lake with a 5-7 mph wind), but were breathable enough that we did not get too hot in the early afternoon(temps got up to the mid to high 60's). 

Polar Bear Coolers...we can't say enough good things about these coolers. We used them to bring back the days catch, as well as keep our pop/beer/food cold. Almost no ice melted while using the H2O cooler and the Camo Tracker Cooler. These just hold up beautifully and really out preformed a "normal" cooler most people would use. It out preformed because there was almost no ice melt during a 70+ degree day with moderate winds while the "normal" cooler lost a little over 50% of it's ice.

Propper Military Expandable Backpack...I prefer not to expand it when going somewhere, so I have more space on the way back to allow me to pack it faster and fit more items. It was very comfortable and held A LOT of gear. After fishing we did not even have to roll up our Frogg Togg rain gear, we fit it into the pack by expanding it(making for 1-2 more inches of room, which doesn't sound like much but really adds on the space).

Rocky Brands Boots...they were great because we were able to try out some of their slip resistant outsoles. The boots still had great traction despite the floor at times being wet, covered in blood, and fish slime. Not only did they exceed our expectations but were also very comfortable. 

One thing that was not gear related was Captain Rick. He was honest, knowledgeable, friendly, and very personable. We could not have asked for a better guide. 


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